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Weekly Update #11

It's time for a rebrand.
Weekly Update #11
Photo by David Monje / Unsplash

I appreciate your support as I continue on this journey. As always, you can respond to this email and reach out to me.

I'm thinking of winding down this particular style of the newsletter. I talked to my brand strategist (aka, my wife) and worked through the question of "why should someone follow/subscribe to my content?"

It came down to the value I'll offer with teaching, education, courses, and code examples. That's why you should pay attention.

I help you learn to build great SaaS products.

The fact that I'm a solo engineer (take that, corporate America!) is really just a minor detail. It's how I've structured my business and life and the balance between freelancing and building out a larger brand.

But when someone lands on my pages, that's probably not what brought them there. My content did; teaching and building SaaS. So my landing pages, newsletter, and everything should match that message.

Therefore, I'm going to be, erm, fixing my branding. I'm aligning around teaching and building SaaS and moving the business side of my journey to be a smaller part. But, it'll still be there! A little more "behind the scenes" for people who are really interested in trying something like this themselves.

With that, let's get to it!


258 subscribers!

I... really need to fix my content schedule. And by that, I mean make one and stick to it. I drafted a video on Wednesday, ran into a problem, fixed it Thursday, and Friday had people at the house.

So now it's Saturday, and I didn't post my video. Sigh. I'll get better, I promise.

But also, seeing things like this makes me feel like I'm actually helping:


Oh... so now I need to actually work? 

This week I worked ~20 hours on freelancing. Most was with my new contract, where I built a Mongo driver in Go and sleuthed through the Salesforce API to figure out how to put custom data into Salesforce.

Let me tell you – Salesforce sucks.

I can't remember the last time I had to understand how a SOAP API worked, but bleh. Not something I want to spend a lot of time on. No wonder no one else wanted to do that work.

Still, I went from never touching the Salesforce API to ingesting custom SObjects, adding permissions to them, inputting data that matched the new schema, and getting it to display and be fully usable in the UI in 7 hours. Not bad.

I'm trying to finish my migration project Phase 1 this week and write the bulk of my report for the cloud architecture. That'll clear me up to focus on fewer things.

If you are here for the pure business updates and don't want to join my more web focused/SaaS newsletter, please unsubscribe. I get it! I'm changing the content and understand if you leave. You know where to find me.

Still, for everyone who sticks around, your support means the world. Your emails and replies are wonderful, and I really love having a corner of the internet rooting for me.

That's all for this week!