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Weekly Update: v2023.6.19

Weekly Update: v2023.6.19

Last week I touched base with all my current clients (and several I've been chatting with about future projects) to understand if they will need my services for the second half of the year. Project management!

To my delight, I heard back from all of them and locked down several projects. I now am fully booked through September, and depending on how things go might be double booked.

Money is good, but too much work is... a lot.


I got the Lotus Checkbox finished. It uses some animations to draw the check and looks fantastic. Very happy with how it turned out.


I didn't go into the radio buttons.

I also learned that there is a thing for a checkbox group. That surprised me a little. A radio group, I understand – the user picks one option out of many. A checkbox group... I figured it was just several checkboxes.

I won't implement it for now. Maybe later.


As mentioned in the header, I had a lot of great action last week. I have projects lined up from now until September, and several clients have expressed interest in working with me at that point.

This week I'm going to be doing some business admin, and I will take a look at the finances to see where I think I'll land for the latter half the of year.



I've been coming up with so many excuses not to get this going. And it's bad.

I read an article over the weekend from Nathan Barry talking about flywheels. The idea is that you create processes that make creating content easier and better over time.

The thing is, I have this in place. Somewhat. I'm just failing to operate it.

This is the simple version. I don't have so much trouble right now knowing what to create. My YouTubers leave great comments and give me lots of ideas. Instead, I have a hard time actually creating the videos.

It's a lot of work! At least for me. And I haven't figured out the magic formula to lock down time to Just Do It™️. Instead, I find excuses and let it languish.

Part of my problem is that the priority is lower than some other work. When it comes down to it, I need to ensure my clients are taken care of first. Sometimes, after all that, I'm tired. Or the timing isn't right. Or something is going on.

Anyways. I really want to start my series on building SaaS and just start shipping some software. I think it'll be a lot of fun, and people will enjoy it too.

Wish me luck.

The Week Ahead

  • Ship my first video on building a SaaS end-to-end.