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Weekly Update: v2023.6.26

Weekly Update: v2023.6.26

Last week I didn't get a ton of things done. I mean, I pushed some things forward, but there were several things that conspired against me. So this week, I am trying some radical new things!

Let's go!

Last week was busy with some life things that took up a fair amount of time. We had a large social gathering on Saturday that we had to prep for.

But the worst thing was my monitor (already flakey) decided to really die on Wednesday.

I had been planning on replacing them eventually but didn't want to do it too early into my business. But it dying on Wednesday really just put a damper on things. It's hard to code or record videos when you have your laptop monitor and a single external monitor.


Soooo,  bought a new one.

Overkill? Yes.

Have I been salivating over the Odyssey G9 for a long time? Also yes.

49" of screen real estate is... a lot. And I'm still figuring out the best way to use it. I'm using Better Touch Tool, which has an awesome "snap window" feature to be able to move windows to the right place just by snapping them into corners. This lets me use the screen space really well.

Right now, I have it set up, so I have 3 "screens". I have a small one on the left and right, and the middle one has the biggest area. We'll see if that works or if I want 2 screens. It'll probably change between streaming/videos and coding on my own.

Content / Schedule

To make my life easier, saner, and better, I'm trying something radically new this week.

Tuesday and Thursday are streaming days.

I've found that I make a lot of excuses for generating content when anything slightly inconvenient comes up.

  • Expecting a phone call? Can't record a video, what if they call!
  • Need to go to the store? Can't record a video, what if it goes long!
  • Too hot? Can't record a video, I might look sweaty!

And so on.

Even trying the idea of golden hours hasn't helped because I want to record later in the day, and I'm most productive earlier in the day.

So, to re-orient myself and remove all these barriers, I'm going to live stream on Tuesday and Thursday from about 11-4, give or take.

I'm not expecting anyone to show up for these live streams. It's mostly just to box my time and force myself to make the magic happen. If people do showup, awesome! I love chatting with my audience and interacting. Doing it live will be even more fun.

Tomorrow will be the first one! Wish me luck!