About Me

I am a Software Engineer who has worked at big tech companies and small startups. However, I've always wanted to run my own company, so I left. I've spent the last 10 years working in different early-stage startups.

My dream was to work in a small startup, work hard, help it grow, and sell it to become incredibly wealthy. Unfortunately, it turns out that turning down high-paying tech jobs for scrappy startups is not the best way to make money.

I learned a lot. I learned new technologies and became a better engineer. But also that startups are hard, and most fail. The first one went bankrupt. The second one we managed to be acquired for our talent. Both failed to find product market fit.

Burned and disillusioned, I wondered if entrepreneurship wasn't for me. Trying to win the lottery hadn't worked out. So perhaps it was time just to throw in the towel and return to the industry, grinding the interview circuit and high-paying FAANG jobs.

But there is another path.

Instead of trying to win the lottery with a VC-backed startup, there is a simpler way to approach the life you want. One that is achievable for any driven engineer.

By focusing my energy on creating and diversifying small income streams, I can bootstrap a single-person company that functions how I want. This path is one of solopreneurship. Being a solo engineer that wholly owns the product and drives it forward.

That's the path I am on.