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Weekly Update #10

I landed my first large contract and can finally relax a little.
Weekly Update #10
Photo by Timo Müller / Unsplash

Thank you for your support as I continue on this journey. As always, you can respond to this email and reach out to me.

The roller coaster continues, although I'm in a much better position this week than last.

The best part of this week was definitely getting my brand new M2 Macbook Pro.

Let's get to it!


  • 186 subscribers, which is very exciting! I sat on putting out content this week for a few (bad) reasons.
  • I finally posted my Next Auth video on Friday and immediately had a lot of great engagement. That was very exciting!
  • Videos rendered much faster on the M2 and made editing much more enjoyable. I also have more hard drive space, so I can stop moving video files around.
  • I have two more videos ready to be made this week, and then I will need to figure out where to dive into next. I have a lot of ideas (some from readers like you!) and need to tie them into my overall strategy.



Remember that almost great full-time gig I thought I was going to get? Yeah, nope. After two great conversations, the other party went dark, and I haven't heard back.

I'm not sure what I could have done better. I thought we were both excited and ready to go. But, without direct feedback, I'm unsure how much I should read into it.

And hey, they could still come back. Maybe shit hit the fan at work, and they lost all their money in Silicon Valley Bank. So I could still hear from them. I'm just not holding my breath.

Funny thing, though – I used that momentum to tell my old company I don't need them and their SOW – they're moving really slowly, and I'm going to work full-time for this other company...

This, of course, made them panic, and they sent over the final SOW for execution within the day, which I signed.

So I got a contract after all!!

This contract is worth about $50k, which with my other work, almost sets me up for all the cash flow I'll need for the year.

I'm finally able to breathe a little easier. I'm still looking for one more gig, preferably longer term, for some stability. But it's not so dire now.

Other Contracts

One of the other inquiries probably won't be a job anytime soon, and I advised them to start on their Shopify store first and only do custom work later.

That's all for this week!