Ethan Mick

What's the balance between doing and talking?

I like to do things. So, I'm trying to be more deliberate with my time and use that time wisely to get things done that [I care about](( One of the unexpected consequences of this is that I try to spend more time doing things than simply talking about them.

Elon Musk told Gwynne Shotwell when she first joined SpaceX that he doesn't care about making plans to do the job; just do the job (Berger 98).

That's often I feel. Don't make an excuse for why something isn't done; just get it done. Don't make elaborate plans; start executing. Learn as you go.

Have a bias toward action.

I wonder if I go too far in that direction. What's the balance between getting things done and sharing my experience about them? Writing and talking certainly can have their own benefits. What am I missing out on?

Berger, Eric. Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX. 1st ed., William Morrow, 2021.

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