Ethan Mick

Focus and drive results

When it comes to doing things, there are three stages of getting things done:

  1. Start the task. You have not started at all and then get working on the task.
  2. Work on the task. The task could be quick, or the job could be drawn out over a long time. The excitement of starting has ended, and the despair of how far you still need to go sets in.
  3. Finish the task. A burst of energy to get it over the finish line as you scramble to wrap it up. Finishing often takes longer than you imagine, but you have the energy to complete the job since you are close.

Every person is generally good at some part of that process. Perhaps you take a long time to start something, but once you do, you finish it. Maybe you love starting things but rarely complete them. As I was thinking about what I need to do, it's clear the most desirable thing is to be good at all three.

If you are only good at one of them, it's actually quite undesirable. Only finishing things but never starting them means nothing happens. On the other hand, only starting but never ending leaves you with many unfinished projects.

As I think about what matters, it will be essential to take those important tasks, start them, and drive them through completion.

Focus and drive results.

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